The last few weeks have been a roller coaster, spiritually. I’ve succeeded, then failed, then recovered, only to fail again. I’ve spent a lot of time in the metaphorical sunshine, only to fall gain and feel like a failure. In all of it, I’m amazed at God’s forgiveness. His mercy is new every morning. I’ve literally spent a lot of time on my knees asking God for patience and mercy and begging Him not to give up on me. There’s a scene from a movie that has been ringing in my ears this week, and it’s become a mantra of mine. It’s from The Book of Eli goes like this: Continue reading ‘Some Random Thoughts’


Rachel has the coolest room ever. You can't see much of it here, so take my word for it.

Yesterday (Saturday) Rachel and I made plans to hang out. For a while, Rachel has always been more of an acquaintance (she went on the Kenya trip with Heath and Kristen over spring break) insofar as I see her around everywhere and she knows everyone I know, but somehow we’ve avoided hanging out. Until now. After I moved into my new place, we spent the day hanging out, playing with her pet hedgehog (female, named Chewbacca), taking pictures, talking, creek-stomping, walking, talking, driving, birthday-party-crashing, shopping, fridge-raiding, and, oh yeah, talking. Continue reading ‘Rachel Photoshoot/Hangout’

To provide some context, like most American Christians, I’ve had more hands-on experience with the New Testament than the Old one… I mean, I’ve read almost the entire NT if not all of it, but my knowledge of the OT is mostly second hand. As far as the OT goes, I’ve always had a jist of the storyline, which was the only thing I thought was important–understanding the events that happened. Then I read a good chunk of it. 1 Samuel through Job and a good portion of Proverbs to be more accurate–I did this over the last few months.

The real value in the OT (to me, right now, at least) is in understanding the Holiness of God. Understanding that He is sovereign above everything and everyone and he is deserving of respect and reverence and fear. It seems strange, but you start to fear God–and rightfully so. Continue reading ‘Open Mouth, Insert Foot’

Dear GOP:


Dear GOP: endorse a candidate whose allegiance is to America more than it is to the Republican Party. Then we can talk about trivial things like policy and experience. I would rather have a green-horned but well-intentioned politician than one who seeks his own agenda at America’s expense, even/especially if that candidate has the experience to do so. Continue reading ‘Dear GOP:’

Family History


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ve come from. I know that I’m more or less full-blooded German–there’s a German girl at work and it seems strange that we shared the same culture a hundred and fifty years ago. Give or take.

In the back of my head I suppose I always just thought that my family has always had this midwest American culture and for how proud we Americans are of our nationality (especially today, Independence Day), it’s remarkable that we aren’t separated by more than a couple hundred years. Continue reading ‘Family History’

New Post

boy with chicken's head

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I gave this post a generic name. It’s late (1:20 AM) and I’m tired of thinking. Here are my thoughts tonight in no particular order:

Seth and I smoked cigars tonight on my porch and had some pretty great conversation. I’ve just come to love our friendship and he’s actually taught me a lot about how a friendship should be. Or at least how friendship can be when we let ourselves be ourselves around our friends.

I also dug through some of my photos that I took with my pointandshoot camera (at the God’s Mountain mission trip) and I am surprisingly impressed with a lot of them, considering they weren’t taken with a DSLR. Evidently the on-camera photo-processing on the pointandshoot is a lot more finely-tuned (albeit there is less control) than my Canon 20D and the pictures usually end up looking even better than the ones I take with the 20D and then edit. The color contrast/saturation settings are just amazing. At least I like them, but I am only an amateur photographer. And an amateur Photoshopper. Click here to see the ones I posted to my Flickr account (all from the pointandshoot on the God’s Mountain mission trip). Continue reading ‘New Post’



I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because this summer has been busy with work. I don’t mind working a lot, it’s just unfortunate how few hours I am left with each day. Anyways, more recently my small quantity of leisure time has been devoted to my latest hobby: photography.

A couple of Tuesdays ago I bought a camera (a Canon EOS 20D for the camera-savvy) which is one of those large cameras that real photographers use (for the less savvy). From what I understand, the tech in the 20D is ~5 years old which is an eternity in the digital age; however, I’ve found there are ways to subjugate that problem (specifically taking the raw image data from your sensor without having your camera process it neatly and then putting it on the PC and doing the processing there, since the PC has much more power than the camera–this is called post-processing).

I’ve done a lot of research over the last few months and I’ve devoted more time than I care to admit studying “good” photographs on Flickr (Flickr in general has become an obsession of mine). In my research, I’ve learned a lot about lenses, camera processing, lighting, etc and it turns out there’s a lot more to taking good pictures than pointing and clicking. But I’m a nerd, so I’m always excited to learn new things like this. Here are some things I’m learning so far: Continue reading ‘Photography’