Some interesting thoughts on the Wallstreet Bailout


So sometimes I’m not entirely productive when I should be. I spent a good chunk of this afternoon browsing the interwebz to see if there are people out there who agree with my crazy-sounding ideas or if I’m alone in my absurdity. It turns out that this wacko also believes in a Jesus who says what he means.

And before you go off on me for proposing spending $700,000,000,000 on foreigners or whatever, please note that the big point isn’t what we do with this money, but what we do with our money in general. If we can come up with $700 billion to protect our comforts then why have we not been able to spare any more to protect LIVES? There are a lot of statistics in the following article which make that question all the more convicting.

Read Here

Also, I would recommend browsing through some of his other articles because this guy seems to have a pretty concrete understanding of God’s simple commands–especially the ones that we complicate by over-Religitizing everything.


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