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Christian Pride


I think a lot of people are proud to be Christians. Like Christianity is our sports team and we must defend it against fans of a rival sports team or something. I mean, we really seem to enjoy “sticking it to the non-Christians”. I feel like we all celebrate when we’ve overpowered and humiliated the […]

I was reflecting on one of my favorite relationships earlier today and this is what I learned from it: It occurs to me that God’s love for us is very much like a man’s love for a very pretty, yet high-maintenance [read “prideful” or “a little full of herself”] woman. On the surface, it would […]

I just figured out how to embed youtube vids. This one was something cool that I stumbled upon. A pretty chill song. This isn’t meant to be theological, I just thought it was cool, so don’t go digging through the lyrics for some deep, cryptic message. 😉 Enjoi!:



In America, Christianity is the dominating system of belief. We go to church. I feel like we are content with Church. I feel like we are satisfied with what church is in our culture today. I realized I have no idea what Church is for. I used to believe that Church was just a pointless, […]

Sneak Peak


Here’s a list of topics that are pretty well constantly on my mind. These are topics about which I hope to write in the near future and have been meaning to write about but forget. This list is as much for your previewing pleasure as it is a reminder for myself. Control Social/Religious Pressure (kind […]

My Reading List


Books that I have read/am currently reading (I highly recommend all of these unless otherwise specified) Myth of a Christian Nation: How the quest for political power is destroying the church – Gregory A. Boyd The Ragamuffin Gospel – Brennan Manning The Irresistible Revolution – Shane Claiborne Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller Sex God […]

Culture War


Barring about an hour during a movie last night, I haven’t slept since about this time (10AM) yesterday (Saturday). I attempted for several hours. I read chapter four from one of my favorite books, Blue Like Jazz, in an attempt to lull myself to sleep. Unfortunately that book is too entertaining or I was too […]