Guilt By Association


Hopefully I spelled that right. I think maybe there are 3 “c”s in association? Anyways… Here’s number 3235342564236 on the things that frustrate me about politics, or at least about Christian people in politics who do this (people who don’t claim to be Christian are exempt from my wrath because they aren’t necessarily being hypocritical in this instance; actually all people are exempt because I’m often hypocritical… and it would be hypocritical to have wrath for hypocrites. But I’ll vent anyways).

“Christian” candidates who try to say that other people are bad people based on who they associate with. Duh. Obviously this encompasses anyone who says “don’t vote for candidate X because they hang out with person Y who is known to do action Z”. This is stupid because Jesus hung out with all sorts of sketchy people. Jesus was known as a drunkard and a glutton (Luke 7:34) for the company he kept–and you can be certain that he not only associated with the guilty but loved them passionately.

If we are really serious about electing a “Christian” candidate (in the sense of a Christ-following candidate), maybe we should start looking into a candidate who spends more time around guilty, broken people? Personally, because of the nature of God’s power-system (weakness = strength and first < last) I think the more a person follows Christ, the less likely they will be to seek power, even/especially in the form of public office, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Obviously, take the preceding with a grain of salt–I’m not saying that every person who hangs out with guilty people is innocent, just that the most innocent person in the world hung out exclusively with the guilty. He sought out the broken. So practice some common sense and make sure who you’re accusing is actually guilty–not just because they know or hang out with a “bad” person.

And finally, we all fail. Jesus is all-including. That means letting me and you call ourselves His followers is a stain to His name. If everyone could see you by your worst sins, do you think Obama or McCain would publicly proclaim you to be his supporter?


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