Sneak Peak


Here’s a list of topics that are pretty well constantly on my mind. These are topics about which I hope to write in the near future and have been meaning to write about but forget. This list is as much for your previewing pleasure as it is a reminder for myself.

  1. Control
  2. Social/Religious Pressure (kind of goes with Control)
  3. Wisdom/Foolishness; Weakness/Strength (in regards to God’s power system)
  4. Religion Vs. Relationship; Being spiritually poor; pertaining to the religious elite of today and the Pharisees of yesteryear.
  5. Clean people/places vs. unclean people/places; “Christian bubbles” (should we avoid “sinners” and the places around which they congregate?)
  6. Sin: it comes from the heart and not from the hands (it’s not an item on a defined list of “bad” actions–it’s a motivation or lack thereof)
  7. Images/Masks, controlling how other people perceive us; harm of wearing Religious masks (see item 4)
  8. Brutal honesty vs politeness. Which is more loving? (note to self: Megan Lynn S.); if you have these people in your lives, appreciate them, don’t woe them or seek to change them.

I’m quitting now before I commit myself to a month’s worth of writing.


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