What I learned this Thanksgiving:


I was reflecting on one of my favorite relationships earlier today and this is what I learned from it:

It occurs to me that God’s love for us is very much like a man’s love for a very pretty, yet high-maintenance [read “prideful” or “a little full of herself”] woman. On the surface, it would appear that the woman is using the man to feed her ego–as if the lies of her superior value have tricked him into respecting her. But no–the man is fully aware that the qualities that make the woman think she has value (the things she prides herself in) are in fact thte things that enslave her. Because of his love for her, he pities her for these things instead of loving her for them. He loves her in SPITE of these things. He knows the miserable existence her own arrogance creates for her and his love seeks to free her from it.

Jesus doesn’t love us for how religious we think we are. We haven’t fooled him into thinking we’re good or worthy people. He looks through these lies and sees the scared, pathetic creatures that we really are and loves us for that alone (as opposed for the lies we create to trick him into loving us). He loves us in spite of the lies we tell him about how attractive, cool, religious, or smart we are. We can’t convince him that we have value. At least beyond what he already sees. God is okay with how we are. We needn’t do anything more to earn his love. He doesn’t care that we’re broken (I mean, he cares, but it doesn’t stop him from loving us). We can’t earn it. We can’t even explain it. Period.


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