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Rick Warren


Edit: Shit. Not five minutes after I wrote this did I see that Tink has already spoken on the topic and, being far more deep, intellectual, and insightful than myself, his write up is pretty amazing. If you don’t want to read a lot, just read his. Don’t even read mine. Seriously. Link. PS: Tell me if that […]

Grunge Photos


So since school has been out (for the last five hours and eleven minutes, for me) I’ve been on another of my big web-design/development/graphics kicks so I looked up a pretty neat tutorial (in my very amateur opinion) for making things look grunge, which I have no experience with. I deviated a decent amount from […]

My iGoogle home page comes up with random YouTube vids. I saw this one today and it took me about 3/4ths of the length of it to figure out if it was serious or not. It’s really well-done although I can’t say I know what the video is intended to make people do. I certainly […]

Ugly People


So I have a problem with my local church. My problem is that I’m one of the ugliest people who go there. And it’s a biiigg church. This is problematic primarily because there are plenty of ugly people in the area and they aren’t proportionally represented in our local church. If we really accept all […]

Irony. Hah.


Bahaha. That’s ironic.

I took these at the outdoor chapel at Snow Mountain Ranch. Actually Ryan Morrison took the sweet one with the cross in the reflection of the glasses that I’m also using on the banner. He’s tremendously more photographically inclined than I am. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy these pictures of mine. I just thought I’d share […]

I chose this title because I already made a post called Communal Living which will most likely get rewritten/deleted (or already has been, depending on when you’re reading this) when I have more time to sit down and write about it (and with a clearer, more orderly mind). Also, I chose this as a kind […]