Help Children Fight


My iGoogle home page comes up with random YouTube vids. I saw this one today and it took me about 3/4ths of the length of it to figure out if it was serious or not. It’s really well-done although I can’t say I know what the video is intended to make people do. I certainly know what it’s intended not to do (I think we’re supposed to not send children guns and knives) but I don’t know if it’s specifically referencing violence in Africa or if it’s speaking out against child violence anywhere or if it’s a statement about how the war in Iraq is teaching our children bad values. What’s more than that, I’m not sure how the heck they got so many people involved, including a teacher and her class to make human target posters.

I can’t say that I feel terribly strongly about the video but I did think it tickled my sense of humor quite a lot. As did the Fuck The Earth Day video (albeit, the FTED made me laugh a lot more–I appreciate the satirical humor more than the ignorant portrayal of conservative America).

Tell me what you think. 🙂


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