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*Sigh* Abortion… I’m so sick of hearing about it, yet my mathematically-inclined mind is driven to believe that this problem has a solution. And like all solutions to profound problems, I doubt it will be as simple a solution as some would lead us to believe. Like so many other hot-button issues in the Christian […]

Some nights are just made for a warm cup of tea, a good conversation with a good friend, reading and/or writing, and Death Cab in the background. Tonight was just such a night. I spoke with one of my friends and she had to tell me a simple truth that was honest, inoffensive, but “impolite” […]

So I am a pretty big fan of FireFox and pretty much any browser that isn’t Internet Explorer. Firefox offers a host of add-ons that allow you to customize your browsing experience, but it would seem that the folks from Flock have outdone them. Flock seems to be the culmination of everything useful for social […]

Facebook Fail


For your enjoyment…

Just kidding. But while you’re here, you should read this article from WorD.



I don’t readily trust nice, polite people. I know myself well-enough to be aware of my many flaws. If someone agrees with whatever I say or pays me many compliments, my instinct is to assume that this person is a liar (whether they realize they’re doing it or not) and they have manipulative motivations. I […]