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Golden Calves


So before I jet off to work, here is a brief list of things I think we Christians worship above God frequently: America Money Success Capitalism Status The Republican party Discipline/Legalism Christianity (not to be confused with Christ) Correctness, particularly doctrinal correctness The Bible (well, our twisted interpretations of the Bible that make the above […]

I wrote this yesterday morning on Facebook. I’m posting it here now. Does anyone know if there’s a simpler way of syndicating Facebook notes and WordPress blogs? So it’s currently 6:08 AM and I’ve been up for the last forty-five minutes. Last night we went to the Rock and Worship Tour concert at the US […]




I’ve heard of this several times and each time I want to visit more and more. This place excites me because it reminds me that the Church is really alive and well in the poor parts of the world and that God is using it to reach out to a world in need of rescue. […]

Facebook Update


Facebook said that 9 of my friends became fans… who am I not to jump on the bandwagon?

Reason #435: My sense of humor.  

If people really understood my beliefs the way I mean them, would they be offended? Should this matter? If my beliefs are offensive, does that mean they are wrong as per God? Is God’s truth offensive to anyone when understood properly? What is it that actually offends people? Is it really a difference of opinion […]