Some Thoughts On Blasphemy Day


So today is September 30–happy Blasphemy Day. If you’ve done any poking around my site, it will be painfully obvious that I’m not an atheist or agnostic, but I do have hope for today. First, some background.

I’m ill-educated on the matter, but from what I understand, the purpose of B-day is to strike out against social norms and national laws which prohibit speaking negatively against religions. And to do so, the organizers encourage acts of sacrilege in public arenas.

I can’t help but think they’re trying to make change by offending their opposition. As a matter of fact, I read that that was the goal. I can’t see any other purpose for such acts, nor can I see how this is going to actually make change. I think it’s going to cause a lot of hurt for people on every side of the issue.

As a follower, however, I’m excited because it is an opportunity to choose to Love those who don’t love me back, rather than loving my pride. Pride is among my biggest weaknesses (if there are weaknesses that aren’t rooted in pride).

Frankly, if they want to hate on Christianity (while B-day isn’t explicitly anti-Christian in nature, that’s certainly the flavor it seems to have in many places in the US), I say let them. I’ll support the repeal of those laws (if there are any in the United States).

I read today some commentary about why we shouldn’t be offended. Mostly because Jesus was “despised and rejected among men” and we aren’t called to defend His honor, but to share in His scorn. It’s beautiful because it’s hard and it can’t be done apart from Love. This strategy benefits absolutely everyone and the only reason we seem to suffer is because we are prideful and this is a lesson in humility and Love.

The opportunities for cheek-turning and cloak-giving and two-mile-walks abound. Not to mention the many truly humble prayers and blessings for our “enemies”.

Have a great Blasphemy Day.

Sincerely, Craig

PS: Some other thoughts: this compels me to revisit the notion of laying down our rights because Christ lay down His for us. Central in our acceptance of Christ is the idea (read: fact) that all we have is a gift–we forsook our rights to demand rights at the foot of the cross–something my lovely friend Bethany reminded me of a week ago (in fewer, better words, of course).


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