Because Of Me


This is something my friend Seth wrote and published on Facebook. I read through it again today and feel like all of you (okay, more like both of you) deserve to read it:

Because of me.
I want what I cannot have.
I wake when I want to sleep.
I shut up when I want to scream
and inwardly hold my contempt at bay.
I run when I wish to fight.
I cuss when I should pray.
I smile though inside I frown,
and bare my pearly whites like ivory horses parading in duplicity.

In all of my self-induced living, the major cities lose no sleep, nor lose business profit.
The rich live on in luxury. The poor still erode on rusting streets.
And nothing changes in my frustration over trivial selfish pursuits.

I have no real effect on mankind. This is because I am cynical.
And I do not give things away. This is because I am selfish.
And I am wrong, 99.9 percent of the day. This is because I am sinful.
And I quietly judge. I keep secrets from friends. This is because I am insecure.
And I hardly ever love. This is because of me.
But I am loved, still. This is not because of me.

A man is not victorious until he has defeated himself.

– Seth Conover.

PS: I am feeling artistically inclined this afternoon so I might do some actual posting tonight, rather than just mooching off of my talented and insightful friends.


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