News From the Frontlines


Some news:

  • Derek picked me up some SkullCandy earbuds yesterday and I’m excited to use them… wish my iPod battery didn’t stop working… Apple fail.
  • My brother is getting confirmed in two hours. I’m his sponsor.
  • My mother took me shopping yesterday and spent roughly 83% of my Christmas present money on clothes. I’m not a big fan of receiving clothes, but realistically both my mom and I know that I won’t spend money on clothes unless I absolutely have to, so I suppose it was a good thing in the long run. Plus I do enjoy having some sharp-looking threads. Also, the excuse, erm,  reason for the shopping spree was that my brother is getting confirmed today and I need to not look like a slob.
  • Another of my pop cans exploded in our fridge… I don’t know why it’s so damn cold in there even after I turned the fridge temperature up. Anyways, there is frozen Diet Cherry Pepsi all over the second shelf, door, and bottom of the second shelf. The top of the can blew clean off, but the rest of the can wasn’t even perturbed in the least. Strange.
  • Yesterday was my brother’s confirmation practice (a confirmation in a Catholic Church is very ceremonial so confirmation practice is comparable to a wedding rehearsal). Anyways, the latest priest at St. A’s spent the first 15ish minutes of the practice bragging-up, erm, talking about the newly remodeled sanctuary including a lengthy schpiel about each of the 15-ish new stained-glass windows and their religious symbolism. By itself, this lecture is unremarkable; however, this is the fifth time I’ve heard it since the church was beginning to be remodeled–one lecture for every time I’ve been home. I’m guessing he visits the topic more frequently than just when I’m there, which makes me feel sorry for the St. Athanasius regulars. 😦
  • Friday night, Parker House and Theory played at the Hub. They are truly an amazing band and I was stunned that only 40ish people showed up. I watched them open for O.A.R. at the Dome a couple years ago and, in my opinion, they have better music and put on a much better show than O.A.R. Lindsey Sermons and I talked with the keyboardist and bassist afterwards and apparently the Hub was one of the bigger shows that they’ve headlined. They said they always love coming to Iowa because we appreciate them so much more, but they must have a problem getting the word out in bigger cities, because they are an amazing band for how not-renown they are. Navigate to their website and give their songs a listen if you don’t believe me (their website has a few songs on a loop that you can listen to for free).

Anyways, it’s getting to be that time… I need to make the journey to Jesup so I can sponsor my brother’s confirmation. Hope all is well for you.

– Craig

PS: I want to start adding pictures to the posts. Keep me accountable.


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