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There’s a lot of temptation to draw conclusions about who God is or even whether or not he exists (or any controversial issue, for that matter), and then defend those conclusions without regard to any evidence that appears afterwards. When we fall to these temptations, I think, in the name of progress, we strongly and […]

Social Justice


I was reading through a CNN article today in which an evangelical Christian leader responds to Fox News’ Beck’s instruction to Christians to leave Churches that preach social justice (because apparently Jesus was against social justice?). Anyways, the evangelical Christian leader states that social justice is at the heart of Jesus’ message and says some […]

Messing with a new, powerful theme. Graphically, it sucks by itself but it has some pretty impressive functionality out-of-the box. May switch back, may not…

Effing Right…


Two weeks ago, positive temperatures were wonderful. Last week we had above-30-degree-temps and this week is looking better yet. Particularly the last few days. I realize it’s a long ways off, but I’m hopeful. For those of you visiting this site who are from the south and probably can’t appreciate 40-degree-early-march-temps, I was outside in […]

Dear Personal Wellness teacher, the power points you posted online for us to study from are incomplete and therefore nearly worthless. Looks like I’m getting my “facts” from Wikipedia and crossing my fingers. Educators 1, education 0. Good game, teacher. Good game. Halo 3┬áthe Halo series are still the most annoyingly addicting games on the […]



So I was listening to Pandora today to a more-or-less “Christian” playlist when I heard this advertisement about persecution and indoctrination of Christians on campuses in America. By indoctrination, I assume it means “education” that in some way goes against Christian doctrine or questionably presumes something to be true without considering alternative viewpoints. The advertisement […]