God In The News(?)


I’m not one to brag about Christianity. There are enough people doing that and I know that bragging about Christianity to put others down does more to damage it than it does to establish or increase it. However, I do come across stories that make me smile, not because Christianity triumphs over some other belief system, but because I can empathize with the idea of the Christian Faith causing positive change in a person’s life and I genuinely want that for the people around me. Not to bolster myself by reinforcing my own beliefs, but for the sincere happiness of others.

Also, I smile because it’s nice to know that God isn’t only doing the vague things that could be attributed to miracles or could be happenstance, but also the “big”, “important”, and noticable things that we almost always forget that he can actually do. The things that remind us that God is big afterall. The things that God probably uses to spell out for us how powerful He is.

Anyways, while Christianity may or maynot be at the core of this story, it was another of those God-doesn’t-only-do-vague-things,-he-also-does-“big-important-things”-as-well stories nonetheless. At least if it’s true. Sometimes people have alterior motives for endorsing (or being endorsed by) the Christian faith.



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