In The Works


Hello readers reader Mom, it’s been a while.  I guess for the sake of explaining some of why I don’t post these days, I’ll fill you in:

Right now, all of my already-limited free “creative” time has been devoted to WordPress theme development which, hopefully will progress towards me moving this site to its own URL on my own hosting (which will enable me to take advantage of WordPress in all of it’s full-powered glory for only the cost of the hosting–currently it costs extra to make sites more powerful; however, they are free so I’m not complaining). Moving to my own site will enable me to express myself more creatively, namely graphically since I’ll have the ability to design my own theme and such, even if my design is less-attractive than the pre-existing free/purchased ones.

Hopefully I’ll post more frequently in the near future about the goings-on of my life. In the meantime, enjoy my other post from today.


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