Some Quick Thoughts From Today

Halo 3

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  • Dear Personal Wellness teacher, the power points you posted online for us to study from are incomplete and therefore nearly worthless. Looks like I’m getting my “facts” from Wikipedia and crossing my fingers. Educators 1, education 0. Good game, teacher. Good game.
  • Halo 3 the Halo series are still the most annoyingly addicting games on the planet.
    • Annoying because finding a game where people on your team aren’t killing themselves to lower their rank and where no one quits in the middle of the game AND where 12-year-old boys aren’t screaming obscenities into their microphone is nearly impossible.
    • Annoying because, when you snipe someone in the face, even though you see blood splatter everywhere, the game pretends like you never hit them.
    • Annoying because being in Iowa means you get put in east-coast games and west-coast games and you are always the farthest away from the host, meaning you lag the most.
    • Annoying because in spite of all of the above, I still can’t stop playing them.
  • I’m excited because the Halo 3 map “Heretic” is almost an exact replica (from all appearances) of the Halo 2 map “Midship” which, as we all know is the second best map in the game to Lockout. It really brings me back to my MLG days. Now they just need to remake Lockout correctly (none of this Blackout garbage) and put the BxR back in and we’ll be good to go. : – ]
  • Friends are amazing. It’s really good to have people to care for above myself.
  • Like flipping a switch, I can regress from being my confident self to caring about how everyone else views me, and I can never quite figure out why I trade in the fact that God loves me the way I am for this false image that I think causes others to love me.
  • Fortunately, God always prevails.
  • Always.

Edit (3/8/10): I just thought up a little proverb that describes my life these days: “The only complete failure is the attempt not made.” I tend to use a high risk of “failure” as a reason not to try, and God is telling me lately that not trying is the bigger failure. I think that’s an important part of the parable Jesus tells about the 3 servants who are given 10 coins, 5 coins, and 1 coin to invest for the master while the master is away–the servant with 1 coin buried it for fear that he would fail his master and the master takes his coin and gives it to the servant with 10 because the servant with 1 coin didn’t even put it in the bank so it would incur interest. In other words, he didn’t need to do amazing things with the one coin–the expectations weren’t high to begin with, but the servant never even tried for fear of “failure” and thus failed the master more than he would have had he tried. Maybe my theology/interpretation-of-the-parable isn’t perfect, but I think that message is in there somewhere. Perhaps I’ll actually find and link to those verses later, but I’m in class now. :]


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