Messing with a new, powerful theme. Grap…


Messing with a new, powerful theme. Graphically, it sucks by itself but it has some pretty impressive functionality out-of-the box. May switch back, may not…


4 Responses to “Messing with a new, powerful theme. Grap…”

  1. 1 weberc2

    Testing quick-reply feature.

  2. 2 weberc2

    I think I’m revoking this theme until I move on my own hosting… Until then, I can’t edit the appearance and it will look rather ugly. Moreover, it is new–I’ll wait for some improvements to take place.

  3. 3 Baron

    Its ok….seems really kinda plain though

  4. 4 weberc2

    Well, depending on which theme you saw… I changed it twice yesterday. The first change was the new graphically-challenged one that looked VERY plain, but had some new, powerful, web3.0 tech functionality in it.

    I then changed the theme again to try a different one and because I couldn’t find the original.

    Also, you’ll have noticed that I changed it again…. When I decided on a theme a long time ago, the selection between them was a lot more limited. Now I’m messing with the options more and more. :]

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