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This is one of my favorite short stories and the direct link can be found here (the story in its entirety is posted below, so just scroll down to read it). It came to my mind this morning as I think about all of the beautiful broken people in the world. I’m just kind of […]

Using your political party to further God’s kingdom is great. Using God’s kingdom to further your political agenda is downright blasphemous. To insinuate that entering God’s kingdom is not only dependent upon Jesus’ testimony concerning you but also upon your ability to fit in with American conservative evangelical Christian culture is a terrible lie. Jesus […]

DISCLAIMER: I just realized this theme doesn’t do bullet points. I’ll see about fixing this later. For now I must sleep. Enjoy the post, the parts that are formatted funny should have bullets in front of them. Use your imaginations. Peace out. This week was sort of tumultuous (as in turmoil-filled, I think. Link here […]

So today I walked into my Programmable Logic Controllers class late (as per usual) to find that everyone had been taking a test for the last five minutes. And, as usual, I spaced the test and had made no effort to prepare for it. And, as usual, I was done with the test in about […]



I really liked this post about the absoluteness of truth. It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately and the author did a good job of summarizing most of my thoughts on the topic. Props.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

After Topeka renamed itself “Google” in a bid to coerce Google to use the town as a test site for some fiber optic service, I found the following amusing when I logged onto my Google homepage.