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To provide some context, like most American Christians, I’ve had more hands-on experience with the New Testament than the Old one… I mean, I’ve read almost the entire NT if not all of it, but my knowledge of the OT is mostly second hand. As far as the OT goes, I’ve always had a jist […]

Dear GOP:


Dear GOP: endorse a candidate whose allegiance is to America more than it is to the Republican Party. Then we can talk about trivial things like policy and experience. I would rather have a green-horned but well-intentioned politician than one who seeks his own agenda at America’s expense, even/especially if that candidate has the experience […]

Family History


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ve come from. I know that I’m more or less full-blooded German–there’s a German girl at work and it seems strange that we shared the same culture a hundred and fifty years ago. Give or take. In the back of my head I suppose I always just […]

New Post


I gave this post a generic name. It’s late (1:20 AM) and I’m tired of thinking. Here are my thoughts tonight in no particular order: Seth and I smoked cigars tonight on my porch and had some pretty great conversation. I’ve just come to love our friendship and he’s actually taught me a lot about […]