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I gave this post a generic name. It’s late (1:20 AM) and I’m tired of thinking. Here are my thoughts tonight in no particular order:

Seth and I smoked cigars tonight on my porch and had some pretty great conversation. I’ve just come to love our friendship and he’s actually taught me a lot about how a friendship should be. Or at least how friendship can be when we let ourselves be ourselves around our friends.

I also dug through some of my photos that I took with my pointandshoot camera (at the God’s Mountain mission trip) and I am surprisingly impressed with a lot of them, considering they weren’t taken with a DSLR. Evidently the on-camera photo-processing on the pointandshoot is a lot more finely-tuned (albeit there is less control) than my Canon 20D and the pictures usually end up looking even better than the ones I take with the 20D and then edit. The color contrast/saturation settings are just amazing. At least I like them, but I am only an amateur photographer. And an amateur Photoshopper. Click here to see the ones I posted to my Flickr account (all from the pointandshoot on the God’s Mountain mission trip).

The trip itself (I don’t recall if I’ve posted any kind of a summary yet, and I’m too lazy to check) took place in March over spring break at God’s Mountain, Missouri. The weather was considerably warmer than it was in Iowa and I remember sweating (I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt) the last day of the trip even though it was only 60 degrees out. (60 degrees in Iowa during the winter = tropical; 60 degrees in Iowa during the summer = freezing). We helped to do a lot of construction work at an amazing Christian youth camp. I met a lot of great people and had an amazing time. I got to learn a lot about myself and about God through hard work and great community/fellowship (I think those words have become cliches in the Christian community, but I don’t have anything to better describe it). It was amazing and I suddenly realize how much I miss it. The leadership over the mission trip and the camp staff were great people with hearts for God’s kingdom and it was really inspiring. I can’t overemphasize the inspiration of it all. Perhaps I’ll go into more detail later if I haven’t already.

Anyways, it is officially the 4th of July, so I wish a happy Independence Day to my American readers and an uneventful July day to everyone else. Kidding. It is also the kick-off of my hometown (Jesup, Iowa)’s 150th anniversary celebration (150th = sesquicentennial… I just think “150th” is easier). Have a good night, all.


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