Dear GOP:


Dear GOP: endorse a candidate whose allegiance is to America more than it is to the Republican Party. Then we can talk about trivial things like policy and experience. I would rather have a green-horned but well-intentioned politician than one who seeks his own agenda at America’s expense, even/especially if that candidate has the experience to do so.

If you want to be “the right party”, have some integrity. Make your values paramount, and not just in public appearance. Promote leaders who are righteous men and women rather than the whiny politicians with whom American voters have become so disenfranchised. If you’re going to sell your candidates on Christian values, support them when they choose those values over the blaspheming* entity that the GOP has become. Support leaders who love God or at least America more than the GOP brand and who are willing to regard themselves, their party, and their “opponents” with sober judgment; contrary to worshiping the party and demonizing their opponents. It would actually be really cool to see some of your politicians concede to their opponents (either those competing for the same position within their party or even those in another party) if they know their opponents will be more capable leaders. Perhaps your politicians could seek advice from successful leaders of yesteryear: maybe even those from the Democrat side?

To your credit, I like a lot of the things you claim to stand for, but now, if you really want my vote, you need to actually stand for those things in your lives. Move beyond your rhetoric, or at least change your rhetoric to concede that you are human and not gods. Your words are miles ahead of your actions.

No, the dems aren’t any better in general, but you can be. Rise to the occasion. Of course, this is risky because the American populace will probably not elect you. But then again, you won’t be in it to win it: you’ll be in it to serve the country. Moreover, to compromise one’s values to gain power inevitably results in the abuse of power attained. It’s better to exercise well the little power God has given you than it is to take for yourself a lot of power and abuse it. And maybe, little by little, settling for lower positions but filling those positions well and holding to your integrity, you (the GOP) can gain ground all the way up to the Presidency. After all, you can’t be trusted with a lot until you can prove yourself with a little. So prove it.



*blaspheming: by this I mean the GOP irreverently uses the name of God to buy votes–not that they are the only political party to do so by any means, but just because “everyone is doing it” doesn’t make them less guilty–other parties will reap their own judgment.


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  1. Uneleallrapd accuracy, unequivocal clarity, and undeniable importance!

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