Rachel Photoshoot/Hangout


Rachel has the coolest room ever. You can't see much of it here, so take my word for it.

Yesterday (Saturday) Rachel and I made plans to hang out. For a while, Rachel has always been more of an acquaintance (she went on the Kenya trip with Heath and Kristen over spring break) insofar as I see her around everywhere and she knows everyone I know, but somehow we’ve avoided hanging out. Until now. After I moved into my new place, we spent the day hanging out, playing with her pet hedgehog (female, named Chewbacca), taking pictures, talking, creek-stomping, walking, talking, driving, birthday-party-crashing, shopping, fridge-raiding, and, oh yeah, talking.

I had a lot of fun and I really enjoyed getting to know Rachel a little bit better. She’s a great girl and I’m sure I’ll get to see more of her this school year.

From a photographical perspective, I learned a lot in this shoot. First of all, I need to figure out light-metering on my camera. A lot of the shots I took were really washed out by even indirect sunlight. Secondly, I have a bit more experience dealing with the inevitable awkwardness that can be asking people to take pictures and I’m a tiny bit more confident. Thirdly, I have a little bit more experience taking pictures of people and all that entails (posing, generally composing the picture, finding good facial expression, etc). Fourthly, I used my nifty-fifty a lot: love the depth of field for portraits. Fifthly, I got a lot of experience with post-processing (figuring out when to use which photoshop techniques and generally how to compensate for the difference between what I see in the viewfinder and what was actually captured on the sensor) and generally refining my workflow.

All in all, I took quite a few pictures that I’m proud of. They’re over on my Flickr. Feel free to check them out. Here’s a link to the whole set from this shoot: Link!

Thanks for reading!


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