Man, I’ve changed a lot since the last time I updated this. Therefore I will need to update it again when I get time.

A little about me as I think of it:

1) The greatest questions that plague my mind tend to be far less imperical and far more moral. Less are they matters of intelligence or fact as viewed by academia or science. More are they matters of the heart–concepts that impact everyday life and relationship.

2) Accordingly, my faith in God isn’t a derivation of any historically or scientifically-based intellectual ascension. My faith comes from a persuit of that which appeals to the deepest depths of my soul as being pure and good and true. My belief in the Bible comes about when these shocking parts of myself acknowledge their counterparts in Bible characters. When these deep parts of me are sparked to life at the words and deeds of this Christ Jesus. This belief is reinforced when I realize that the people who stand the most to lose by these truths are the religious Christians who believe (on any level) that God favors them over the “heathens” of the world (the people who believe that they’ve earned God’s love through their faked-righteousness or ability to mindlessly obey rules).

3) I believe that people who aren’t “Christians” for the same reason that I’m “Christian” (the Jesus proclaimed by the religious Christians doesn’t appeal to the idea of what is good and true that comes from being made in God’s image) would very much be attracted to this Jesus of the Gospels. This Jesus who opposed the hatred and self-righteousness of the religious elite to advocate God’s intense love for sinners. This Jesus whose actions suggested that God cares less about our performance in terms of righteousness (especially when that righteousness is only an appearance to make oneself feel more justified than others) than he does about getting to know and show love for those of us who are simply broken and very, very aware of it. Those of us who don’t have a talent or possession or appearance to put our identity in, to lift us up above others in a worldly sense. Those of us who are spiritually poor and can’t use our “good deeds” to make ourselves feel better than others. Those of us who are honest with ourselves and can start to understand the depths of our own depravity so as to accept a love freely given (and not earned).

As of 12/16/08


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