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I gave this post a generic name. It’s late (1:20 AM) and I’m tired of thinking. Here are my thoughts tonight in no particular order: Seth and I smoked cigars tonight on my porch and had some pretty great conversation. I’ve just come to love our friendship and he’s actually taught me a lot about […]

These are some common-sense ideas that I took the time to write as they seem to be called into question in the controversial discussions surrounding events like “Blasphemy Day” and “Draw Muhammed Day” (which today–5/20–has been unofficially dubbed)—events organized to offend people to remind them that free speech protects offensive speech. However, it is my opinion […]

Using your political party to further God’s kingdom is great. Using God’s kingdom to further your political agenda is downright blasphemous. To insinuate that entering God’s kingdom is not only dependent upon Jesus’ testimony concerning you but also upon your ability to fit in with American conservative evangelical Christian culture is a terrible lie. Jesus […]

So today I walked into my Programmable Logic Controllers class late (as per usual) to find that everyone had been taking a test for the last five minutes. And, as usual, I spaced the test and had made no effort to prepare for it. And, as usual, I was done with the test in about […]

Effing Right…


Two weeks ago, positive temperatures were wonderful. Last week we had above-30-degree-temps and this week is looking better yet. Particularly the last few days. I realize it’s a long ways off, but I’m hopeful. For those of you visiting this site who are from the south and probably can’t appreciate 40-degree-early-march-temps, I was outside in […]

In The Works


Hello readers reader Mom, it’s been a while.  I guess for the sake of explaining some of why I don’t post these days, I’ll fill you in: Right now, all of my already-limited free “creative” time has been devoted to WordPress theme development which, hopefully will progress towards me moving this site to its own URL […]

Ironic News


I just want to share this with you all: