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So today I walked into my Programmable Logic Controllers class late (as per usual) to find that everyone had been taking a test for the last five minutes. And, as usual, I spaced the test and had made no effort to prepare for it. And, as usual, I was done with the test in about […]

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Effing Right…


Two weeks ago, positive temperatures were wonderful. Last week we had above-30-degree-temps and this week is looking better yet. Particularly the last few days. I realize it’s a long ways off, but I’m hopeful. For those of you visiting this site who are from the south and probably can’t appreciate 40-degree-early-march-temps, I was outside in […]

Dear Personal Wellness teacher, the power points you posted online for us to study from are incomplete and therefore nearly worthless. Looks like I’m getting my “facts” from Wikipedia and crossing my fingers. Educators 1, education 0. Good game, teacher. Good game. Halo 3 the Halo series are still the most annoyingly addicting games on the […]

In The Works


Hello readers reader Mom, it’s been a while.  I guess for the sake of explaining some of why I don’t post these days, I’ll fill you in: Right now, all of my already-limited free “creative” time has been devoted to WordPress theme development which, hopefully will progress towards me moving this site to its own URL […]

Ironic News


I just want to share this with you all:

Because Of Me


This is something my friend Seth wrote and published on Facebook. I read through it again today and feel like all of you (okay, more like both of you) deserve to read it: Because of me. I want what I cannot have. I wake when I want to sleep. I shut up when I want […]