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I gave this post a generic name. It’s late (1:20 AM) and I’m tired of thinking. Here are my thoughts tonight in no particular order: Seth and I smoked cigars tonight on my porch and had some pretty great conversation. I’ve just come to love our friendship and he’s actually taught me a lot about […]



I haven’t posted in a while. Mostly because this summer has been busy with work. I don’t mind working a lot, it’s just unfortunate how few hours I am left with each day. Anyways, more recently my small quantity of leisure time has been devoted to my latest hobby: photography. A couple of Tuesdays ago […]

Reason #435: My sense of humor.  

I took these at the outdoor chapel at Snow Mountain Ranch. Actually Ryan Morrison took the sweet one with the cross in the reflection of the glasses that I’m also using on the banner. He’s tremendously more photographically inclined than I am. Regardless, I thoroughly enjoy these pictures of mine. I just thought I’d share […]