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In The Works


Hello readers reader Mom, it’s been a while.¬† I guess for the sake of explaining some of why I don’t post these days, I’ll fill you in: Right now, all of my¬†already-limited free “creative” time has been devoted to WordPress theme development which, hopefully will progress towards me moving this site to its own URL […]

So I am a pretty big fan of FireFox and pretty much any browser that isn’t Internet Explorer. Firefox offers a host of add-ons that allow you to customize your browsing experience, but it would seem that the folks from Flock have outdone them. Flock seems to be the culmination of everything useful for social […]

Grunge Photos


So since school has been out (for the last five hours and eleven minutes, for me) I’ve been on another of my big web-design/development/graphics kicks so I looked up a pretty neat tutorial (in my very amateur opinion) for making things look grunge, which I have no experience with. I deviated a decent amount from […]