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To provide some context, like most American Christians, I’ve had more hands-on experience with the New Testament than the Old one… I mean, I’ve read almost the entire NT if not all of it, but my knowledge of the OT is mostly second hand. As far as the OT goes, I’ve always had a jist […]

Using your political party to further God’s kingdom is great. Using God’s kingdom to further your political agenda is downright blasphemous. To insinuate that entering God’s kingdom is not only dependent upon Jesus’ testimony concerning you but also upon your ability to fit in with American conservative evangelical Christian culture is a terrible lie. Jesus […]



So I was listening to Pandora today to a more-or-less “Christian” playlist when I heard this advertisement about persecution and indoctrination of Christians on campuses in America. By indoctrination, I assume it means “education” that in some way goes against Christian doctrine or questionably presumes something to be true without considering alternative viewpoints. The advertisement […]



I’m sure I’ve wrote written about this somewhere, albeit probably in brevity (or in full, but only on Facebook?)… at any rate, I couldn’t find anything in detail on this blog (I was so sure I’d written about it that I searched my own small blog for several minutes). Anyways, in spite of my write-as-I-go […]

I don’t believe Bible is the final word of God, in the sense that it carries the most authority–I believe everything God says has authority, regardless of when it was spoken, to whom it was spoken, or how many people believe it was spoken at all. Moreover, I believe there is consistence and continuity throughout […]

Golden Calves


So before I jet off to work, here is a brief list of things I think we Christians worship above God frequently: America Money Success Capitalism Status The Republican party Discipline/Legalism Christianity (not to be confused with Christ) Correctness, particularly doctrinal correctness The Bible (well, our twisted interpretations of the Bible that make the above […]