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So I was listening to Pandora today to a more-or-less “Christian” playlist when I heard this advertisement about persecution and indoctrination of Christians on campuses in America. By indoctrination, I assume it means “education” that in some way goes against Christian doctrine or questionably presumes something to be true without considering alternative viewpoints. The advertisement […]

I’m not one to brag about Christianity. There are enough people doing that and I know that bragging about Christianity to put others down does more to damage it than it does to establish or increase it. However, I do come across stories that make me smile, not because Christianity triumphs over some other belief […]

I wrote this yesterday morning on Facebook. I’m posting it here now. Does anyone know if there’s a simpler way of syndicating Facebook notes and WordPress blogs? So it’s currently 6:08 AM and I’ve been up for the last forty-five minutes. Last night we went to the Rock and Worship Tour concert at the US […]

Rick Warren


Edit: Shit. Not five minutes after I wrote this did I see that Tink has already spoken on the topic and, being far more deep, intellectual, and insightful than myself, his write up is pretty amazing. If you don’t want to read a lot, just read his. Don’t even read mine. Seriously. Link. PS: Tell me if that […]



So I’m becoming a more abrasive person. I’ve always been passive-aggressive so that’s not saying a ton, but I’m learning to be more confrontational. I think it’s interesting to note that this is because I’m telling more truths and fewer lies and the nature of the truth is that it tends to rub people the […]



My facebook status currently reads “Craig is learning about Truth.” Last week, Craig was learning about Love. It’s interesting to note that I couldn’t tell you when I stopped learning about Love and started learning about Truth. This is because, I think, the two flow together seamlessly. Just like all themes of Christianity (except it […]

Christian Pride


I think a lot of people are proud to be Christians. Like Christianity is our sports team and we must defend it against fans of a rival sports team or something. I mean, we really seem to enjoy “sticking it to the non-Christians”. I feel like we all celebrate when we’ve overpowered and humiliated the […]