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Why do my fellow Christians fight me on the elements of my personality which Christ cultivated? Within me there are countless, large imperfections about which they could warn me, but they concentrate their efforts to destroy those parts in me which express Love to the poor and marginalized; the parts of me which seek to […]

Ugly People


So I have a problem with my local church. My problem is that I’m one of the ugliest people who go there. And it’s a biiigg church. This is problematic primarily because there are plenty of ugly people in the area and they aren’t proportionally represented in our local church. If we really accept all […]

Crap. I hate stuff like this because it makes me aware that I have not arrived. That there is more to do still. I’m in a state of conviction (not to be confused with guilt, which is conviction’s ugly cousin) about this and about poverty in general. This just makes it feel more real and […]



In America, Christianity is the dominating system of belief. We go to church. I feel like we are content with Church. I feel like we are satisfied with what church is in our culture today. I realized I have no idea what Church is for. I used to believe that Church was just a pointless, […]