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Using your political party to further God’s kingdom is great. Using God’s kingdom to further your political agenda is downright blasphemous. To insinuate that entering God’s kingdom is not only dependent upon Jesus’ testimony concerning you but also upon your ability to fit in with American conservative evangelical Christian culture is a terrible lie. Jesus […]

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There’s a lot of temptation to draw conclusions about who God is or even whether or not he exists (or any controversial issue, for that matter), and then defend those conclusions without regard to any evidence that appears afterwards. When we fall to these temptations, I think, in the name of progress, we strongly and […]

Dear Personal Wellness teacher, the power points you posted online for us to study from are incomplete and therefore nearly worthless. Looks like I’m getting my “facts” from Wikipedia and crossing my fingers. Educators 1, education 0. Good game, teacher. Good game. Halo 3┬áthe Halo series are still the most annoyingly addicting games on the […]

I don’t believe Bible is the final word of God, in the sense that it carries the most authority–I believe everything God says has authority, regardless of when it was spoken, to whom it was spoken, or how many people believe it was spoken at all. Moreover, I believe there is consistence and continuity throughout […]

Why do my fellow Christians fight me on the elements of my personality which Christ cultivated? Within me there are countless, large imperfections about which they could warn me, but they concentrate their efforts to destroy those parts in me which express Love to the poor and marginalized; the parts of me which seek to […]

I wrote this yesterday morning on Facebook. I’m posting it here now. Does anyone know if there’s a simpler way of syndicating Facebook notes and WordPress blogs? So it’s currently 6:08 AM and I’ve been up for the last forty-five minutes. Last night we went to the Rock and Worship Tour concert at the US […]