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Ugly People


So I have a problem with my local church. My problem is that I’m one of the ugliest people who go there. And it’s a biiigg church. This is problematic primarily because there are plenty of ugly people in the area and they aren’t proportionally represented in our local church. If we really accept all […]

Love Somebody


This is a copy/paste of one of Derek’s Facebook notes.  We’ve been talking a lot about this lately and I’m really glad he wrote this. I know it’s something he’s been frustrated with lately, so it’s pretty raw, which is great. Here it is: I have a lot of frustration with my world lately. I […]

I was reflecting on one of my favorite relationships earlier today and this is what I learned from it: It occurs to me that God’s love for us is very much like a man’s love for a very pretty, yet high-maintenance [read “prideful” or “a little full of herself”] woman. On the surface, it would […]