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So today is September 30–happy Blasphemy Day. If you’ve done any poking around my site, it will be painfully obvious that I’m not an atheist or agnostic, but I do have hope for today. First, some background. I’m ill-educated on the matter, but from what I understand, the purpose of B-day is to strike out […]

It’s better to become right than to be right. When you become right, you seek to change your views to accommodate the truth. When you try to BE right, you try to change the truth to accommodate your views. This is one of the differences between humility and pride.

Ugh… Will I ever conquer myself? I made great strides tonight (I’m writing this at 5AM)… I laid down pieces of me, confessing some of the deepest parts of my being to people and putting myself totally on the line. I mean these are parts of my depravity that I rarely let myself see, much […]

Christian Pride


I think a lot of people are proud to be Christians. Like Christianity is our sports team and we must defend it against fans of a rival sports team or something. I mean, we really seem to enjoy “sticking it to the non-Christians”. I feel like we all celebrate when we’ve overpowered and humiliated the […]

I was reflecting on one of my favorite relationships earlier today and this is what I learned from it: It occurs to me that God’s love for us is very much like a man’s love for a very pretty, yet high-maintenance [read “prideful” or “a little full of herself”] woman. On the surface, it would […]