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Golden Calves


So before I jet off to work, here is a brief list of things I think we Christians worship above God frequently: America Money Success Capitalism Status The Republican party Discipline/Legalism Christianity (not to be confused with Christ) Correctness, particularly doctrinal correctness The Bible (well, our twisted interpretations of the Bible that make the above […]



In America, Christianity is the dominating system of belief. We go to church. I feel like we are content with Church. I feel like we are satisfied with what church is in our culture today. I realized I have no idea what Church is for. I used to believe that Church was just a pointless, […]

I consider myself politically neutral these days, despite having been both liberal and conservative in the past. Something that always attracted me to the Democratic camp is how they seem to genuinely feel for the poor among us–something that seems to be a very Christian idea. Unfortunately, I soon realized that a big portion of […]