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I really liked this post about the absoluteness of truth. It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately and the author did a good job of summarizing most of my thoughts on the topic. Props. Advertisements

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It’s better to become right than to be right. When you become right, you seek to change your views to accommodate the truth. When you try to BE right, you try to change the truth to accommodate your views. This is one of the differences between humility and pride.



I don’t readily trust nice, polite people. I know myself well-enough to be aware of my many flaws. If someone agrees with whatever I say or pays me many compliments, my instinct is to assume that this person is a liar (whether they realize they’re doing it or not) and they have manipulative motivations. I […]

Love Somebody


This is a copy/paste of one of Derek’s Facebook notes.  We’ve been talking a lot about this lately and I’m really glad he wrote this. I know it’s something he’s been frustrated with lately, so it’s pretty raw, which is great. Here it is: I have a lot of frustration with my world lately. I […]

Ugh… Will I ever conquer myself? I made great strides tonight (I’m writing this at 5AM)… I laid down pieces of me, confessing some of the deepest parts of my being to people and putting myself totally on the line. I mean these are parts of my depravity that I rarely let myself see, much […]



So I’m becoming a more abrasive person. I’ve always been passive-aggressive so that’s not saying a ton, but I’m learning to be more confrontational. I think it’s interesting to note that this is because I’m telling more truths and fewer lies and the nature of the truth is that it tends to rub people the […]