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The last few weeks have been a roller coaster, spiritually. I’ve succeeded, then failed, then recovered, only to fail again. I’ve spent a lot of time in the metaphorical sunshine, only to fall gain and feel like a failure. In all of it, I’m amazed at God’s forgiveness. His mercy is new every morning. I’ve […]

To provide some context, like most American Christians, I’ve had more hands-on experience with the New Testament than the Old one… I mean, I’ve read almost the entire NT if not all of it, but my knowledge of the OT is mostly second hand. As far as the OT goes, I’ve always had a jist […]

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These are some common-sense ideas that I took the time to write as they seem to be called into question in the controversial discussions surrounding events like “Blasphemy Day” and “Draw Muhammed Day” (which today–5/20–has been unofficially dubbed)—events organized to offend people to remind them that free speech protects offensive speech. However, it is my opinion […]

Using your political party to further God’s kingdom is great. Using God’s kingdom to further your political agenda is downright blasphemous. To insinuate that entering God’s kingdom is not only dependent upon Jesus’ testimony concerning you but also upon your ability to fit in with American conservative evangelical Christian culture is a terrible lie. Jesus […]

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Social Justice


I was reading through a CNN article today in which an evangelical Christian leader responds to Fox News’ Beck’s instruction to Christians to leave Churches that preach social justice (because apparently Jesus was against social justice?). Anyways, the evangelical Christian leader states that social justice is at the heart of Jesus’ message and says some […]